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Meet us on the following exhibitions and presentations in the Czech Republic:


We invite you to visit us at the 17th International Trade Fair of Electrotechnics and Electronics AMPER 2009, which takes place from March, 31st to April, 3rd 2009 at Prague exhibition centre PVA Letňany, where we have a joint exhibition with TESLA ElectronTubes Ltd.

We invite you to visit us at the 31st International Medical Trade Fair PRAGOMEDICA 2009, which takes place from April, 21st to April, 24th 2009 at Prague exhibition centre in Holešovice.
You can find us in hall 5B, booth Nr. 311.


We invite you to visit us at the World Dermatological Congress, which takes place from May, 20th to May, 24th 2009 at the Prague Congress Centre.

Amper 2008
Prague, PVA Letňany
duben 2008
Pragomedica 2008
Prague-Holešovice, Exhibition Centre
April 2008
Pragomedica 2007
Prague-Holešovice, Exhibition Centre
April 2007
Cryogenics Conference 2006
Prague Congress Centrre Vyšehrad
May 2006
Pragomedica 2006
Prague-Holešovice, Exhibition Centre
April 2006
Pragomedica 2005
Prague-Holešovice, Exhibition Centre
April 2005
13th Tissue Banks International Congress
Prague, Pyramida Hotel
October 2004
Cryogenics Conference 2004
Prague, Masarykova kolej
April 2004
Pragomedica 2004
Prague-Holešovice, Exhibition Centre
April 2004
Pragomedica 2003
Prague-Holešovice, Exhibition Centre
April 2003
MEFA 2002
Exhibition Centre Brno
November 2002
International Dermatological Congress 2002
Prague Congress Centre
October 2002
Society for Low Temperature Biology International Conference
Hradec Kralove
May 2002
Pragomedica 2002
Prague-Holesovice Exhibition Centre
April 2002
Cryogenics 2002 Conference
Prague-Zofin Cryomarket
April 2002