Steel or aluminium sheets (up to 3 mm) processing

material partition 2m; 2,5m shears
exact cutting on band saw -max. diameter 305mm, max. section 360 x 305mm-90
pressworking presses: 60 - 125t
lines: roll - sheet levelling machine - feeder - press
tilting press: 50t - 2m table
100t - 3m table
welding spot welding
both CO2 and Ar - in shielding atmosphere
finishing synthetic colours
powder colours
Metal spinning

Automatic spinning machine - max. diameter 1400mm
  • steel sheet shaping (deep drawing) max. thickness 1.3 mm
  • aluminium sheet shaping max. thickness 3mm,
    non-ferrous metal shaping
  • When placing an order the following items will be required:
    • technical drawings
    • shaping form
Any orders should be agreed with our technological department.